Caty cares about the community. By planting a little seeds of goodwill in our community, we hope to produce fruits of the righteous and share the benefits with more people in society on an open platform, fairly and equally.

Since 2012, we have organized several projects with our charity partners including:

Caty Loves Community

Good Life Lab Initiative

Free for Change

We believe that even one person or one small action can change the world. And this is not just a slogan.

Since 2012, our work in care homes for the elderly, churches and universities have spread out just like ripples, and has drawn massive attention from leading local media, namely, South China Morning Post and Sing Tao Daily. Our speaker has also been nominated for THE ONE International Humanitarian Award.


The rise of fast fashion has shortened the lifespan of clothing and created mounting piles of clothing waste in every city. LCCF offers some alternative and meaningful ways to use your outdated fashion and accessories:

Donating and Recycling

You can donate to local charities serving refugee women from South Asia. You can’t imagine how gifted these women are – they cleverly produce new fashion pieces out of these old materials and fabrics and sell them in the market! This way, you help to improve the living conditions for these women. Visit the Facebook page of AnEW Hong Kong, one of our partner organizations, and take a closer look.

Repairing and Recreating

Caty Style offers a repair service for your vintage clothes and fashion jewelry, and gives them a second life.

# Love is Our Best Style

# Love Never Fails

# Be The Change

# We Promised

Currently this campaign runs only in Hong Kong. Interested parties, please send your second-hand items to our shops. Those who wish to join us overseas please email us at