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We work with global trendsetters and welcome any fresh ideas from every corner of the world! #Star Styler is more than a fashion jewelry platform. It is an advocator of a new way of life. Trends, humor, crazy ideas, travel, women’s careers, romance etc. If you are passionate about these areas and have photography skills, we’d love to hear from you. Please send your writing samples and photos to: .


Whether you are a designer, individual brand owner or manufacturer, if you share Caty’s vision and corporate values, along with our care for the community, you are welcome to join Caty Style and expand your online market through our open platform.

We are always looking for fashion jewelry and accessories, or any products with funny creative designs, at an affordable price and with great quality.


  • Reach the Large Customer Base in Caty’s Community
    Your products will be exposed to our international database of trendy Caty Girls and their friends.
  • Unique Sales Platform – E-Tailing, Retailing and Social-tailing
    Our “highlight system” is a brand-building mechanism helping you to engage your target customers on our exclusive platforms and build up an unforgettable brand experience:
  • Great Marketing Exposure
    Meet and interact with international bloggers and influencers; share your value and passion.
  • Reach the Large Customer Base in Caty’s Community
    Your products will be exposed to our international database of trendy Caty Girls and their friends.
  • Our Helpful and Supportive Team will make your life easier.
    Can’t take good photos? Having issues with branding? Worrying about logistics? Can’t handle a retail location? Don’t worry, we provide professional product photos and other services.
  • Multiple Secure Payment Methods
    Caty Style’s processes have met the stringent international security standards set down by the Payment Card Industry.
  • Reliable Delivery Service
    Caty Style aims to provide reliable international shipping with our premier shipping partners to 220 countries, while keeping the shipping costs as low as possible.
  • We've Got Your Back
    With +200 experts from APAC Cultural and Creative Industries Alliance (CC-Asia) and the Global Fashion Jewelry and Accessories Council (J-AC) as our professional advisors, we have got your back, helping your dreams come true with ease!
    Interested? Check out Our Journey page again, ensuring that you understand Caty’s values, and then click here to contact us. We are here for you!


Being the world's most popular fashion jewelry platform, Caty Style is dedicated to offering more choices for customers that are rich in style, excellent in quality, and at an affordable price.

In response to rapid changes in market trends, we offer only the most fashionable items with our diversified services; from retailing international jewelry brands to launching self-owned brands, as well as tailor-made designs, we always have a way to satisfy customer's needs promptly.

  • Caty supports the growing demand for sourcing in smaller quantities in order to help buyer's reduce storage costs and test market acceptance.
  • Caty adopts an online purchasing system. Wholesale buyers can complete their purchase on the one-stop integrated channel with a high level of security. Pricing and product information is readily available for instant comparison.

For more details about collaboration and terms and conditions, please contact the Miss Caty team via email: and apply for your dedicated wholesale login account now!